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A member of the Public Order Police force in Newcastle was seriously injured during an altercation with four alleged robbers on Kirkland Street late yesterday.

According to reports, the policeman was able to discharge his firearm, wounding one of the men in the abdomen. The wounded man subsequently jumped into a metered taxi in an attempt to get to the hospital. Traffic officers managed to stop the vehicle on Sutherland Street, and the man was subsequently taken to Madadeni Hospital by ER24 Newcastle.

According to reports, the man died in hospital shortly after 7pm last night.

During the altercation, the policeman was stabbed once in the neck with a knife, and sustained a serious head wound after he was apparently hit with a bottle.

A witness told Newcastle Advertiser reporters that the four suspects had attempted to rob a bottle store nearby, when they were chased away by the owner of the store. Allegedly, the four men then gathered on the corner of Voortrekker and Kirkland streets, and were overheard plotting to stab the man who chased them away.

It was at this point that the policeman allegedly confronted the men, and a scuffle ensued.

“The guys hit him and had knives,” claimed the witness. “He took the gun out and shot the other guy. The other guys ran away and just left him.”

Unconfirmed reports suggest more than one shot was fired. EMRS treated the policeman on scene and transported him to hospital for further treatment.

It is believed police are currently investigating a case of homicide, pending a full investigation.

Source : Newcastle Advertiser


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