Legal Insurance - A MUST !

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What We Do ? 

With 27 full-service branches and a 24-hour call centre, we give our clients access to legal advice on a variety of issues, including criminal and administrative cases, job- or work- related problems as well as civil disputes. We also have over 600 independent attorney practices supporting our clients in court matters or when they need formal legal representation. Our Scorpion funeral plans give you comprehensive funeral insurance at competitive rates, so that a dignified funeral can be arranged should you or one of your loved ones pass away. All our plans include access to a legal assistance helpline, so you can get legal advice on anything relating to the funeral and to the deceased’s legal affairs.

Why Choose Us?

If you’re thinking of getting legal insurance, here’s why you should choose us:

1. We’re affordable. Even if you don’t have a large disposable income, our legal insurance policies are still affordable enough to allow you access to legal assistance.

2. We give you a trial period. The 30-day trial period on all our insurance policies means that if you’re not entirely satisfied with the cover provided, we’ll refund you every cent.

3. We provide quality service. With our many years of legal experience, a sound management team and a motivated workforce, we’re able to provide products of the highest standard.

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