COURT : Zuma hid in Toilet

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Betheul Zuma hid in toilet when police required him to take blood alcohol test.

The Pietermaritzburg Magistrates Court heard on Tuesday,  that Major-General Beuthel Zuma had hid in a toilet for a long time to avoid being breathalysed on the night he was arrested.

The Road Traffic Inspectorate Supervisor Zain Mahomed was testifying in Zuma's Case.

Previous evidence showed that an initial test was taken when he arrived at the house, placed Zuma's blood alcohol level at 3.5 times the legal limit.  An official court approved test was to be conducted at the Road Inspectorate Offices in Pietermatrizburg.

Zuma has pleaded not guilty to the charges of failing to stop when ordered to by a police officer,  driving under the influence and defeating the ends of justice.

Sergie Brimiah, acting for Zuma said that SAPS and RTI's version of events were incorrect.  He added that the time frame of events was contradicted.    He said that Zuma would say that he drove through the roadblock as he thought it was bogus.

The State closed its case.  The trial will resume on November 26.

Zuma was to have become Gauteng's new provincial commissioner,  but was removed before being appointed by National Commission Riah Phiyega when it emerged that the case was pending against him.

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